Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Student Organizations

2016-2017 Service Award Recipients

Each year, MAE students that provide exemplary service to our Department are nominated to receive a Service Award from the Chair. These students provided leadership in student team projects, organizations, in our Engineering Fabrication Laboratory or to our Departmental office needs.

Nikos Trembois – Aeronautical Design Team (Aerobrick)
Keyur Makwana, Bruno Matsui, Rina Onishi – Advanced Modeling and Aeronautics Team (AMAT)
Andrew Chuen – Eclipse Rocketry
Keyur Makwana – American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
Venkata Devalaraju, Adam Zufall – Space and Satellite Systems Club (SSS)
Abraham Kezirian – Baja SAE
Adam Alemnew, Yang Gao, Junfan Lin, Nicholas van Diemen – Human Powered Vehicle
Vinh Phan – American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Vivian Tran – Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Susana Ramirez – Solar Regatta Car
Natalie Hagler, Matthew Huang, Maureen Murphy, Victor Quintero, Kenneth Westerterp – Engineering Student Design Center (ESDC)
Rosa Morales, Carlos Ortiz, Braden Tinucci – Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Student Organizations 2017-2018

Taking part in a Student Organization provides an excellent opportunity for engineering students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world applications. Members gain skills in teamwork, leadership and time management. Student Organizations provide contacts with industry for potential internship and job opportunities. They also help students become acquainted with their classmates while being exposed to the many facets of the engineering profession.

Aerospace Team Projects and Organizations:

Aeronautical Design Team (aka “Aerobrick”):
Aerobrick 201415 for website






Professor Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn, Faculty Advisor

On this team, students design, manufacture and flight test a fully composite, radio-controlled airplane. This year long project allows students to get hands on experience in structure and aeroelasticity, aerodynamics, propulsion, stability and control, and performance.

Advanced Modeling and Aeronautics Team (AMAT):

AMAT 201415 for website







Professor Steve Robinson, Co-Faculty Advisor
Professor Valeria La Saponara, Co-Faculty Advisor


The Advanced Modeling and Aeronautics Team explores the components and dynamics of airplanes by building RC airplanes from scratch every year. These completed RC airplanes compete in an annual SAE sponsored competition in which over 40 schools from all over the country enter. In 2014, AMAT placed first overall in the Aero Design West competition, the highest finish in UC Davis AMAT history!

Hyerloop Pod Team (One Loop): 

Professor C.P. van Dam, Faculty Advisor

The Hyperloop Pod Team competes in SpaceX’s annual Hyperloop Pod Competition, where students are tasked with designing and building a half scale pod with the aim of racing it on SpaceX’s mile long track in Hawthorne CA, and in the bigger picture, helping to develop a new form of transportation.

Eclipse Rocketry: 

Space Ed Rockets for web







Professor Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn, Faculty Advisor

Eclipse Rocketry members design, build and launch rockets on the field south of The Pavilion. They also have a long-term design project/competition using Hybrid L-motors with possible field trips to LUNAR in Livermore for High-Powered launches.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA):

Professor Ron Hess, Faculty Advisor

The AIAA is a professional society made up of people interested in the aeronautics and aerospace field. The group has regular meetings and informal gatherings to discuss recent events and topics of interest with professors, graduate students and representatives of industry and government.

Space and Satellite Systems (SSS) Club:

SSS Group Picture for web







Professor Steve Robinson, Co-Faculty Advisor
Professor Sanjay Joshi, Co-Faculty Advisor

Space and Satellite Systems (SSS) Club develops systems to be used in the space environment. Efforts are focused towards developing the skills and technical know-how necessary to design spacecraft. The club focuses on technologies for smaller spacecraft and cube satellites and covers a wide range of research areas from controls and dynamics to sensors, electronics and software.

Mechanical Engineering Projects and Organizations:

Baja SAE:

Baja SAE 201415 for web                                    






Professor Steven Velinsky, Faculty Advisor

Baja SAE is a college based team competition in which schools from all over the country compete against each other in off-road style racecars designed and built completely by students. Students provide cost and design reports to manage every aspect of building a competitive car.

Formula Racing: 


Professor Francis Assadian, Faculty Advisor

The Formula Racing team now competes with a fully electric car. Team members are exposed to all the aspects required to build a competitive racecar.  Last year, the team came in third place in the International Formula SAE Electric Competition and first place in the national Electric category.

Human Powered Vehicle – HPV:

HPV 1415 (3) for web







Professor Michael Hill, Faculty Advisor

The Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Team designs an aerodynamic and highly-engineered land vehicle. They participate in an annual national competition which provides an excellent opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world applications.

Solar Car at UC Davis (aka “Solarri”): 

Professor Valeria La Saponara, Co-Faculty Advisor
Professor Chris Nitta, Co-Faculty Advisor

The Solar Car at UC Davis Team, is a non-profit student-run organization that designs, builds, tests, and races road-legal solar vehicles. It provides hands-on opportunities for students to create complex systems as well as become exposed to project management and real-world engineering. The goal is to compete in the American Solar Challenge/Formula Sun Grand Prix.

Computing and Robotics Outreach Club

Professor Harry Cheng, Faculty Advisor

The C-STEM Outreach Club was formed to help promote K-12 STEM education in the greater Sacramento area as a link between undergraduate and graduate students at UC Davis and elementary, middle, and high school students in the community.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME):


Professor Seongkyu Lee, Faculty Advisor
President: Allen Wilhelm,

The ASME professional society student section advances and disseminates knowledge about mechanical engineering, presents a proper perspective on engineering work, and promotes professional awareness and fellowship. The section has regular meetings to discuss ASME activities, invites guest speakers to discuss various engineering topics and current research and hosts UC Davis graduates to discuss their job prospects since graduation.

Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME):


Barbara Linke, Faculty Advisor

This professional society will provide a venue for students to network, listen to speakers from industry and tour manufacturing facilities in the Sacramento area.