Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Biosolid Mechanics

Biosolid Mechanics seeks to apply the principles of mechanics to the understanding and description of biological systems.

To enable students to pursue a graduate program with an emphasis in biomechanics, there are a number of formal courses and ongoing research projects, including formal courses in the traditional areas of solid mechanics and specialized courses in biomechanics.

Ongoing research projects exist in the modeling and simulation of human movements, orthopedic biomechanics with emphasis on muscles and joints of the lower limbs, muscle mechanics, spine biomechanics, finite element formulations of hard and soft tissue. In addition, sport biomechanics considers alpine skiing, bobsledding, cycling, Nordic ski jumping, and throwing and jumping events in track and field. Extensive laboratory facilities support the various programs.


Hess, Ron
Hubbard, Mont
Hull, Maury L.
Ravani, Bahram
Sarigul-Klijn, Nesrin
Wexler, Anthony

Centers and Labs

Biomechanical Engineering in Sports Laboratory 
Orthopedics Biomechanics Laboratory 
Sports Biomechanics Laboratory