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UC Davis Prized Writing Journal Publishes Report by MAE Students

UC Davis Prized Writing cover

UC Davis Prized Writing 2015-2016

MAE students Christina Jin (Aerospace Engineering) and Kimberly Jenks (Mechanical Engineering) have been published in the 2015-2016 edition of UC Davis’ Prized Writing anthology.  The UC Davis Writing Department produces the journal every year to celebrate undergraduate written work.  Each work is carefully selected through a process of student submissions. Jenks and Jin’s accomplishment is especially noteworthy, considering there were 410 entries and only 22 made it in to the book, and even more so considering theirs was the only engineering article.

Jenks and Jin wrote their featured report on the structural analysis of helicopter beams. The project started in their EAE 135 class under Professor La Saponara’s instruction. TA Alan Carey also provided guidance and is even listed in their acknowledgements.

Jenks and Jin began their report by introducing the product that they tested: the Bell 206 JetRanger.  They attempted to find an effective way to analyze its blades and promote greater safety in its usage. As they moved on to the physical testing portion, they outlined their procedure with tables and graphs, as well as the mathematical equations they used.

Jenks and Jin outlined each step they took in detail, so readers could easily follow the procedure. They concluded the report by discussing their results and proposing the safest type of helicopter beam. Their completed report illustrated both their successful execution of the assignment and ability to clearly and eloquently describe the process.