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MAE 297 Seminar – Kurt Long


Kurt Long

Shipboard Helicopter Flight Test Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center

Topic: Experimental Aero-Physics at NASA AMES Fluid Mechanics Lab

Kurt will be sharing experiences and thoughts from his careers as a flight test engineer in the US Navy, an Aerospace Research Engineer and Lab Manager at the NASA AMES Fluid Mechanics Lab, and some other unexpected occupations. His previous work includes helicopter flight tests, aircraft flight simulation, wind tunnel/water channel facility design, and wind tunnel/water channel experiments for spacecraft, aircraft, ships, trucks, sports balls, and even algae. He will be showing lots of video clips and photos that help illustrate his unusual career path. Kurt will also talk about recent, ongoing, and planned NASA aeronautics research programs, NASA educational outreach programs, and internship opportunities at NASA.

Kurt Long is an Aerospace Engineer, who works for the Experimental Aero-Physics Branch at NASA AMES Research Center’s Fluid Mechanics Lab (FML). Kurt graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State in 1985 and conducted graduate studies in rotorcraft blade element rotor modeling there and at Boeing Vertol until 1987, when he started for the US Navy as a shipboard helicopter flight test engineer at NAVAIR Patuxent River, MD.

Between 1987 and 2007, Kurt conducted shipboard helicopter flight tests, piloted shipboard flight simulator tests, and rotorcraft analytic efforts, to improve the safety and compatibility of shipboard rotorcraft operations, and to develop advanced test techniques. In 1997-1998, Kurt conducted graduate studies in ship airwake CFD and wind tunnel testing at Stanford University. Starting in 1998, Kurt conducted over 50 wind tunnel ship airwake tests for the US Navy at NASA AMES Research Center.

Kurt now conducts wind tunnel experiments in subsonic bluff body aerodynamics and propulsion simulators for a variety of NASA and non-NASA sponsors. Kurt also serves as Lab Manager at the FML, which has six different wind tunnel facilities. Since 2001, Kurt has served as branch intern coordinator and mentor for over 120 engineering students at NASA. Kurt helped develop the NASA AMES intern safety training guide, and also does wind tunnel design and aerodynamic consulting work for various educational outreach organizations, including Teachers in Space, Science Olympiad, and the Mythbusters TV show.

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Date(s) - 09/29/2016
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

1062 Bainer Classroom


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