Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE 297 Seminar – Professor Ben Shaw

Professor Ben Shaw
UC Davis – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Droplet Combustion in Reduced Gravity 


This talk will cover reduced gravity droplet combustion experiments that have been performed using a drop tower as well as aboard the International Space Station. Modeling efforts will also be discussed. We will focus on various aspects including limiting oxygen indices, gas-phase transport and oxygen Lewis numbers, liquid mixing, Marangoni flows, and data/uncertainty analysis.

 About the Speaker

Benjamin D. Shaw received B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University in 1981 and 1984, respectively. Following this, he received a Ph.D. in 1989 in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University. Shaw also was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, San Diego for the period 1988 to 1989. He then was a faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Connecticut from 1989 to 1991. Shaw has been a faculty member in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of California, Davis from 1991 to the present. His research interests include applied mathematics, combustion, microgravity phenomena, optical sensing, and transportation. Shaw became an ASME Fellow in 2003. 


Date(s) - 04/10/2014
4:10 pm - 5:00 pm

1062 Bainer Classroom


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