Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Numerical simulation of combustion of single component and multicomponent unsupported and fiber- supported droplets in micro-gravity 

By: Narugopal Ghata Advisors: Professor Benjamin Shaw 

A detailed computational study of evaporation and combustion phenomena of unsupported and fiber- supported single and multi-component droplets is presented. The current study consists of a total of five parts: (a) study the effects of support fibers on the vaporization of single component n-heptane droplets, (b) study the effects of the Marangoni stress in single component n-heptane droplet combustion, (c) study the effects of support fibers in single component n-heptane droplet combustion, (d) study soot shell formation for single component n-heptane droplet, and (e) study multi-component n-heptane/n-hexadecane droplet evaporation and combustion. The volume- of-fluid (VOF) method is employed in the studies to capture the liquid-gas interface for transient two-phase multidimensional flows. The calculations also include variable thermo-physical properties of the liquid and gas phases as well as Marangoni stresses. 

Exit Seminar Narugopal Ghata

Date(s) - 10/28/2014
2:00 pm

Bainer 2033


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