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UC Davis Principles of Community

Health and Safety – Employee Health Services, ASAP (Academic Staff Assistance Program), Workers Compensation, etc


Salary Scales, Classifications (UCD Human Resources)

UCD Job Listings (UCD Human Resources)

Download forms  Performance Appraisal, Job Description, Vacancy Listing, and Job Application (UCD Human Resources)

UCD Work-Life   The Staff Work Life Program recognizes the multiple professional and personal life roles of university employees and facilitates their integration through a flexible, supportive work environment.


UC Davis Employee Benefits

UCOP “At Your Service” Retirement Benefits View, plan, set up, or modify investment accounts such as Defined Contributions, 403B.


General (UC Davis) Policy and Procedures Manual, Campus Directives, etc

Staff Personnel Manual: non-collective bargaining employees (99) (UC and UCD policies)


Staff Development and Professional Services: course catalog, on-line enrollment, calendar of events, resource library, general information, SD&PS forms.

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