Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Jaeyoung Kang Ph.D. Exit Seminar



Vehicle Dynamics Modeling and Control of the TowPlow, A Steerable Articulated Snow Plowing Vehicle System 

By: Jaeyoung Kang

Advisor: Professor Steven A. Velinsky 

3:00 pm~4:00 pm

Bainer 2130

Monday, March 10th, 2014 

The snow removal operation is an important highway maintenance operation during the winter season. It is  also  a hazardous operation  that  requires  significant  budget  and  labor.  A novel  type of snowplow, the TowPlow,  has  been  invented  recently  to  allow  highway  agencies  to  reduce  their  budget  for  the  winter operations by enhancing the clearing capacity of a single snowplow vehicle. The TowPlow consists of a conventional snowplow vehicle, which tows a steerable trailer with a moldboard, allowing it to clear a path up to approximately 24-ft wide. 

While the TowPlow may increase the efficiency and performance of the snow removal operation, the stability of the system under the harsh winter conditions may be compromised by implementation of the steerable trailer, and stability of the system must be ensured in terms of the lateral and yaw dynamics, load transfer, hill climbing, and low friction road conditions. This dissertation examines the stability of the TowPlow through both kinematic analysis and detailed dynamic modeling considering snow resistance, load transfer and gradability. The addition of control to the TowPlow to enhance its operational performance and stability, and broaden its applicability in the challenging winter operational conditions is also studied.

Date(s) - 03/10/2014
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

2130 Bainer - MAE Conference Room


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