Emergency Contacts

Emergencies (UC Davis Police/Fire/Ambulance/after-hour EH&S staff): Call 911 or 530-752-1230 

Non Life-Threatening Medical/Mental Health Incident:

  • Occupational Health Services (Employees): 530-752-6051  
  • Student Health and Counseling Services (Undergrad/Grad Students): 530-752-2300 (Medical), 530-752-2349 or text “Relate” to 741741 (Crisis Support)
  • Sutter Davis Hospital: 530-756-6440 (After Hours/Weekends Only)  
  • Davis Urgent Care: 530-759-9110 (After Hours)
  • Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP): 530-752-2727 (Confidential)

Environmental Health and Safety (Directory of Services, Injury Reporting) 530-752-1493

Facility Maintenance and Repair 530-752-1655

Department Contacts

Krasen Kovachev
Safety Coordinator
530-752-8488 |

Felicia Smith
Department Manager
530-752-0582 |

Cristina Davis
Department Chair
530-754-9004 |

Training Requirements

All faculty, students, employees, visitors and volunteers must have attended MAE Annual Safety Training. 

  • To register for MAE Annual Safety Training, sign into the Learning Management System (LMS) with your Kerberos username and passphrase.  Search “MAE” to locate all available sessions.  Note that undergraduate students do not have automatic access to this system, and will need to send a request to, or the department safety coordinator, for LMS access.

In addition, faculty, students, employees, visitors and volunteers in research laboratories are required to complete the following training prior to performing unsupervised activities. 

  • UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals (Initial Training) eCourse.  Thereafter, a refresher course is required every three years. 
  • Site-Specific Safety Training (orientation for a new member, and annual refresher thereafter).  This training informs members about emergency procedures, injury reporting, hazards of workspace and equipment, engineering controls, personal protective equipment (PPE), standard operating procedures (SOPs), storage/use/spill response/disposal of hazardous materials, and lab rules.    
  • Lab Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) is a tool for faculty to identify potential hazards and PPE requirements of his/her research labs and communicate them to all lab members. The faculty or lab manager adds a new member to the faculty’s LHAT roster.  After that, the member will receive an email notification to log into LHAT and complete the Hazard Assessment and PPE Training.  Then the member receives a list of proper PPE to be used in the labs. 

Faculty and lab managers may assign additional training that are applicable to the lab member’s functions and tasks.  A training matrix is available for reference. 

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