Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE 297 Seminar

Transformational Skills for 21st Century Professionals

Dr. K. (Subbu) Subramanian
President, STIMS Institute, MA. USA.

The word globalization has different meaning, depending on your point of view. Here is a simple description: You have to deliver value better than anyone else across the globe. Conversely, if you deliver the same output as others, you will receive the lowest prevailing wages across the globe! Anyone in the middle will be ultimately swept into the low-labor-cost pool, unless there is a conscious and constant effort to swim upstream.
Merely working harder in your job, better GPA or getting higher college degrees (along with lots of student loans) may not be the complete answer. Instead everyone at any level has to constantly seek ways to identify new high value added opportunities, develop them into new solutions and also implement them to be sure that the value is realized and in the end make sure the work is rewarded as well.
It is a lot more than simply doing the job you are asked to do. We describe this combined set of skills to Discover, Develop and Deploy a stream of new solutions as the Transformational Skills.
Transformational skills go beyond mere academic education in science, engineering or management as isolated silos. It requires diving deep into the problem or spanning as wide as required. They are called as the “T-shaped thinkers”.
In this seminar we outline the problem (why?) and then prescribe a set of Transformational Skills (how?). It is imperative that workers at all levels learn the Transformational Skills and integrate them in their arsenal to frame their own jobs and careers.
Such education and Transformational skill development will be necessary for thriving in the 21st century economy

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Date(s) - 02/16/2017
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

1062 Bainer Classroom


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