Suggested Core Courses

Core MAE Courses, by Disciplinary Area

The courses listed below provide the fundamentals needed in each of the disciplinary areas under which they are listed. They constitute a de facto core for each disciplinary area.

Computational Science and Analysis

  • MAE 207: Engineering Experimentational and Uncertainty Analysis

Materials, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

  • MAE 222: Advanced Dynamics
  • MAE 250A: Advanced Methods in Mechanical Design
  • MAE 259: Modern Manufacturing Technologies

Micro-, Nano- and Biomechanical Technology

  • MAE 232: Skeletal Tissue Mechanics

System Dynamics, Controls and Robotics

  • MAE 271: Advanced Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems
  • MAE 272: Theory and Design of Control Systems
  • MAE 273A: Single Input Single Output (SISO) Optimal Robust Control
  • MAE 273B: Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Optimal Robust Control

Thermal Fluids and Energy

  • MAE 210A: Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
  • MAE 218: Advanced Energy Systems