Fellowships and Awards

MAE PhD student, Maria Alessandra (Alex) Montironi wins Best Student Paper award

MAE doctoral student, Maria Alessandra (Alex) Montironi wins the Best Student Paper award at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications in Cleveland. The paper, co-authored by MAE Professor Harry Cheng, is entitled “An attention-Based Framework for Context Identification in Autonomous Robots.” Congratulations Alex!

MAE PhD student, Zhongqi (Henry) Jia, receives the Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF) scholarship

Zongqi (Henry) Jia is pictured first line, second from the left.

MAE PhD student, Zhongqi (Henry) Jia, has received the Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF) scholarship and he was invited to the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International 73rd Annual Forum Grand Awards Banquet, which took place on May, 10, 2017. The award news was published in the Vertiflite magazine, which is a publication of AHS International (https://vtol.org/vertiflite/2017_July_Aug/files/assets/common/downloads/page0047.pdf ).  Each year, Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF) scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating an interest in pursuing engineering related careers in vertical flight technology.

Henry Jia is a doctoral student and researcher at Professor Seongkyu Lee’s Aeroacoustics Lab at the University of California, Davis. His primary research focus is on rotorcraft aeroacoustics, particularly blade-vortex interaction (BVI) noise of a lift-offset coaxial rotor. His research is supported by the US Army through the Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence (VLRCOE). Henry’s biography and this year’s recipients can be found from the links below.



MAE PhD students Matthew Mills and Zongqi (Henry) Jia receive 2017 N&M Sarigul-Klijn Flight Research Fellowship Award

SpaceED sub-committee completed their review of the proposal for 2017 N&M Sarigul-Klijn Space Engineering/Flight Research award and identified two award recipients.

Winners of the 2017 N&M Sarigul-Klijn Flight Research/Space Engineering Award are:

Matthew Mills a Ph.D. student advised by Professor Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn with a proposal title of, “Development of a Novel High Fidelity Disc Computational Model for predicting Changes during Human Space Flight”.

Zhongqi (Henry) Jia, a Ph.D. student advised by Assistant Professor Seongkyu Lee with a proposal title of, “Fundamental Aeroacoustics of Coaxial Helicopter”.

Background on N&M Sarigul-Klijn Flight Research/Space Engineering Award: Endowed on 17 December 2003 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of powered flight with a purpose of encouraging students to conduct research in flight related areas. Funding provides a $1,500 summer research award on odd years. N&M Flight Research/Space Engineering Award Past Recipients are J. Choi, S. D’Souza, C. Davis, A. Nanjangud, R. Diaz-Silva, J. Barthel, B. Fu

Congratulations to Matthew and Henry!