MAE Teams Tie for Second Place in NASA Supersonic Aircraft Design Competition

Two of our Aero senior design teams tied for second place in this year’s NASA Aeronautics University Design Challenge.

The challenge recognized the UC Davis Makwana Team's Emperor aircraft as well as the UC Davis Tinucci Team's Supersonic Sprocket aircraft ahead of some other high-powered teams.

The competition is administered by NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD). NASA aeronautics has made decades of contributions to aviation. Every U.S. commercial aircraft and U.S. air traffic control tower has NASA-developed technology on board that helps improve efficiency and maintain safety. Research conducted by NASA's  directly benefits today's air transportation system, the aviation industry, and the passengers and businesses who rely on aviation every day.

Congrats to Case and his students for bringing such positive attention to MAE’s undergrad curriculum!


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