Barbara Linke

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Barbara Linke Named 'Outstanding Junior Faculty' by UC Davis College of Engineering

MAE faculty Michael Hill, Seongkyu Lee also recognized for recent achievements

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Barbara Linke was named "Outstanding Junior Faculty" by the UC Davis College of Engineering at the college's 2018 Celebration of Faculty Excellence event October 3.

Linke was recognized for her inventive and effective teaching, her commitment to the UC Davis research and student communities and for her nationally and internationally recognized research in sustainable manufacturing, grinding, tool technologies and machine-tool technology. Since arriving at UC Davis in 2012, Linke has published more than 20 journal articles and 22 peer-reviewed conference publications, authored a 2016 book with Springer and co-edited a new textbook, which appeared in August 2018. Her research is funded by a number of competitive research grants, including an NSF grant to integrate aerospace and manufacturing science and application in a new undergraduate course.

In addition to her research and regular teaching load, Linke has taught an undergraduate course and a first-year seminar as overload courses. She has also been consistently involved with the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) program since 2013.

Colleagues say Linke’s scholarly contributions are “exceptional in their importance, relevance, originality and significance and her papers are already among the best in the disciplinary areas she works in.” Peers also noted "her service has been commendable without restraining her research and teaching excellence in any way, and her achievements at UC Davis place her among the very top of her peer group.”

The college also recognized Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Professor Michael Hill for being named an American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow and Assistant Professor Seongkyu Lee for his UC Davis Hellman Fellowship.

Congratulations to Barbara, Michael and Seongkyu on these College of Engineering recognitions! 

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