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Dave Brockman, a retired firefighter who had his hand amputated, is trying out a new and smarter myoelectric prosthesis. UC Davis prosthetist Fehran Maher is making sure the fit is correct. (Amy Quinton/UC Davis)

‘Unfold’ Podcast, Episode 5: ‘The Human Machine: Reimagining Prosthetics’

In the newest Season 4 episode of Unfold, a UC Davis podcast, we look at how the combination of surgery and machine learning is making life easier for amputees.

Nearly half of all arm amputees choose not to use their prosthesis, despite improvements in technology. Prosthetic devices can be too difficult to operate, unintuitive, and don’t allow amputees to sense pressure or temperature. At UC Davis, engineers, neuroscientists and surgeons are collaborating to solve this problem.

Assistant Professor Jonathon Schofield and his collaborators in the College of Biological Sciences and at UC Davis Health are interviewed.

Listen to the podcast a UC Davis News

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