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Common petitions/forms submitted by MAE Students:

Variable Units:


Petition for Academic Credit

  • Complete another class with another institution and looking to get academic credit for a MAE UC Davis course?
  • In some cases, students may petition for coursework completed with another institution to count as a MAE course. 

    Students must submit a complete syllabus (with a reading list/course outline) when submitting this petition. Petitions can take 4-6 weeks for processing. 

    You may access the Request for course substitution here.

    Completed course substitution petitions may be submitted here.
  • (TRANSFER CREDIT PETITION) - To send other departments
  • MAE Students who complete courses with another institution for the purposes of GE/MINOR/MAJOR that are outside of the MAE Department may complete the form below.

    For a General education credit request click here.

    For Major/Minor course equivalencies (with other departments), complete the Petition for transfer credit.

    After the form has been reviewed and signed by the other department(s), you may submit the form here so it can be processed by the MAE Advising Team.


General Petition

  • General Petition Requests
  • Some students may opt to petition the MAE Department for other requests. Please check with the MAE Advising team for specific information. 

    For more information, you can access the General petition here.  

    Completed General Petition forms - submit here.


Incomplete Contract - (I) Grade

Specific campus forms/petitions