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J.P. Delplanque Named ASME Fellow

By Constanze Ditterich

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Committee of Past Presidents recently recognized the outstanding engineering achievements of mechanical and aerospace engineering professor Jean-Pierre Delplanque and promoted him to the grade of Fellow.

Fellowship honors ASME members with over 10 years of active engineering practice and society membership who significantly contributed to teaching, research and service in mechanical engineering. He joins the 15 UC Davis faculty members who have previously received this accolade. Delplanque will receive the award at an upcoming ASME event.

“I am truly humbled by the honor that being elected Fellow of ASME represents,” said Delplanque. “My mentors, my colleagues and my students, graduate and undergraduate, all contributed to this recognition. I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to work and interact with so many talented people.”

Delplanque is a leader in the field of multiphase flow and heat transfer, and he literally propelled supercritical spray technology with applications in high-pressure combustion devices like diesel and cryogenic rocket engines. He is also a long-serving leader in education with positions as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Engineering and, currently, as Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies at UC Davis. He has also chaired the ASME committee on Fire and Combustion and serves on the Multi-Phase Flow committee of the Heat Transfer and Fluids Divisions.

He received an Engineering Diploma from ENSEEIHT (Toulouse, France) and a Master of Science degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from UC Irvine. He also obtained his Ph.D. in mechanical and aerospace engineering from UC Irvine in 1993.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is the world’s largest professional society for mechanical engineers, boasting over 100,000 members from over 140 countries around the world. Founded in 1880, the society promotes mechanical engineering and related fields through leadership, supporting its members and helping address technology-related challenges that are critical to the public.

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