Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Teaching Lab Software

Unless otherwise noted, the software below is installed on the PCs in our main undergraduate teaching lab and graduate computing lab.

Microsoft Office — Word, Powerpoint, Excel and solvers, etc

Matlab, Simulink, and toolboxes

Microsoft Visual Studio.Net (C, C++, C#)

Ch – a C/C++ interpreter for unix or windows, with math, plotting, web, etc

** Portland Group Inc Compilers

20-Sim –  A modeling and simulation program that runs under Microsoft Windows. With 20-sim you can simulate the behavior of dynamic systems, such as electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems or any combination of these.

Camp/G – Bond Graphing graphical user interface

*Labview/ Elvis

Design, CAD/CAM:
SolidWorks – 3d CAD and Simulation

PSAT – Vehicle design analysis and simulation

ESPRIT – DP Technology – powering the entire line of any machine tool builder, and delivering accurate G-code for every machine tool with factory certified post processors.


Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics:
Xfoil – fluid dynamics and CFD plotting

**Fluent (flow solver) and Gambit (mesh generation)

**Patran/Nastran – Mesh generation, FEA


Note: Pointwise GridGen and CFX have been dropped, partly out of cost considerations, and because Fluent meets similar needs.

* Available in MAE Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

** Available on Linux workstations. Contact Jacob Kitada if you need an account.