Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Emeritus Faculty | Adjunct Faculty

Aldredge, Ralph C. III

Analytical, computational and experimental studies of turbulent flame propagation and combustion instabilities; Development of computational models and algorithms for simulation of reactive-flow dynamics; biological-fluid dynamics, biomedical heat transfer and tissue Mechanics.
2090 Bainer Hall


Assadian, Francis F.

Mathematical modeling and simulation of dynamic systems-bond graph approach, vehicle dynamics, global chassis control systems, alternative powertrain, energy optimization, automatic control, and robust control.
2008 Bainer Hall


Cheng, Harry H.

Extending C/C++ for ubiquitous computing and scripting, network computing, programming environments and programming languages, engineering software design, Web technology and its applications in design and manufacturing, open-architecture enterprise-level system integration, robotics, mechatronics, real-time sensor fusion, factory automation, Web-based computational kinematics and mechanical design.
2018 Bainer Hall


Davis, Cristina

Chemical and biological sensors, micro-electromechanical (MEMS), bioengineering, metabolomics, novel clinical diagnostic devices, chemometrics, machine learning, mechanical design.
101 TB 207


Delplanque, Jean-Pierre

Computational and theoretical fluid dynamics and transport phenomena:
multiphase flows, inert and reactive; emerging materials processing methodologies; free surface and interfacial flows; microscale transport phenomena and fluidics with bioengineering applications.
2056 Bainer Hall


D’Souza, Raissa

Complex systems, Network Theory, Phase transitions, Applied Math and Statistical Physics
2095 Bainer Hall


Erickson, Paul

Energy conversion, transportation technologies, hydrogen generation, solar energy utilization, pollution prevention, fluid mechanics, instrumentation, and fueling technologies.
2102 Bainer Hall


Farouki, Rida T.

Distinguished Professor
Computer aided design and manufacturing, geometrical algorithms and representations, numerical methods and scientific computing.
2048 Bainer Hall


Hafez, Mohamed M.

Transonic aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics.
2092 Bainer Hall


Hill, Michael R.

Fatigue and fracture: analysis, testing, and design; Residual stress measurement; Structural integrity and damage tolerance (aircraft structure, mechanical systems); Effects of maintenance quality on aircraft structural performance; Lasor shock peening, cold working, and other residual stress treatment for metals; Finite element simulation for strucutural analysis; Experimental mechanics.
2014 Bainer Hall


Horsley, David A.

Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS), design and manufacturing of microfabricated sensors
and actuators, mechatronics and control systems
2016 Bainer Hall


Hwang, David

Main areas of experimental research include tokamak physics, electromagnetic interaction between plasma waves and plasma particles, plasma diagnostic in fusion devices, tokamak fueling with accelerated compact toroids, non-neutral plasmas. Theoretical interests include computer modeling of magnetized plasmas, non-linear interaction of plasma waves
2097 Bainer Hall


Jensen, Niels Gronbech

Chair, Applied Science Graduate Group
Computational materials and soft condensed matter, nonlinear dynamics and complex systems, numerical analysis and methods, macroscopic qauntum phenomena and superconducting device physics
3212 Mathematical Sciences Building


Joshi, Sanjay S.

Control Systems, Neuroengineering, Robotics, Spacecraft Systems
2054 Bainer Hall


Kong, Zhaodan

Assistant Professor
Bio-inspired engineering, control and dynamical systems, human-machine systems, robotics, cyber-physical systems, networked systems, complex data analysis, and machine learning
2060 Bainer Hall


La Saponara, Valeria

Composite laminate manufacturing; composite laminate physical testing; nondestructive testing
2100 Bainer Hall
vlasaponara    at


Lee, Seongkyu

Assistant Professor
Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, wind turbine aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, rotorcraft aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, and propulsion or turbomachinery fluid dynamics and acoustics
2013 Bainer Hall


Lin, Xinfan

Assistant Professor
Dynamic system modeling, model identification and simulation; Modeling of electrical, thermal, and electrochemical dynamics; System-level estimation and control; Data analysis and processing for estimation; Control-oriented system design and optimization, sensor deployment; Applications in battery, energy systems, electric vehicles, and automotive systems.
2097 Bainer Hall


Linke, Barbara

Associate Professor
Production technology including machine tools with applications in the fabrication of medical devices, automotive and aerospace systems, sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing processes
2052 Bainer Hall


Modera, Mark P.

Energy performance, HVAC, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, aerosols
3021 Ghausi Hall


Moore, Jason

Multi-body dynamics, control systems, human operator control, vehicle dynamics and handling qualities, and human biomechanics and gait
2095 Bainer Hall


Moxon, Karen

Neural encoding and plasticity, and neuroprosthetics and brain-machine interfaces. Split appointment with the Department of Biomedical Engineering.


Narayanan, Vinod

Thermal and fluid sciences, including microscale flow and heat transfer, passive means to augment heat and mass transfer, and experimental diagnostic techniques in heat transfer and fluid mechanics.
TB207 Room 105
530 752 9086


Park, Jae Wan

Associate Professor
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and battery: In-situ diagnosis using neutron radiography for PEM fuel cell and battery, design and optimization, water management for PEM fuel cell.
2096 Bainer Hall


Ravani, Bahram

Distinguished Professor
Computational kinematics and dynamics, bio-dynamics of impact trauma, computational geometry in design and manufacturing, design of mechanical and biomechanical devices.
1013 Academic Surge


Robinson, Stephen K.

Department Chair and Professor
Warren and Leta Giedt Endowed Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Turbulence flow physics and modeling, experimental techniques, instrumentation, 3D scientific visualization, applied aerodynamics, safety engineering and applied cognitive psychology
2004 Bainer Hall


Sarigul-Klijn, Nesrin

Finite element methods, aerospace structures, aeroelasticity, biomechanics, and vibro-acoustics.
2108 Bainer Hall


Schaaf, James

Lecturer / Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, College of Engineering
Creative and mechanical design, dynamics, kinematic geometry, applied differential geometry, and manufacturing processes.
2132 Bainer Hall


Shaw, Ben D.

Combustion, fluid mechanics, heat transfer.
2098 Bainer Hall


Soshi, Masakazu

Associate Professor
Manufacturing systems and processes, CNC machine tools, mechanical and mechatronics design and analysis, high perfomance machining, CAD/CAM/CAE, production technologies.
2020B Bainer Hall


Tseregounis, Spyros

Surface modifications and coatings to reduce friction, wear, and fretting of engineering components. Surface Characterization and Analysis for MEMS.  Exploring research directions and opportunities with an emphasis on creating, maintaining, and enhancing Corporate/University partnerships, joint projects, and technology exchange programs.

van Dam, C.P “Case”

Aerodynamics including design and optimization, aircraft design, experimental and computational fluid dynamics, biofluiddynamics, wind energy, aero-hydrodynamics of sailing.
1035 Kemper


Velinsky, Steven A.

Distinguished Professor
Mechanical design and analysis, vehicle design and dynamics, transportation engineering, power transmission, robotics and automation.
1007 Academic Surge Building


Wexler, Anthony

Distinguished Professor
Air pollution, biomedical engineering, single particle analysis.
2046 Bainer Hall


Yamazaki, Kazuo

Distinguished Professor
Mechatronics, microprocess control of machines, CNC machine tool design and control, 3-D coordinate measurement and probing, CAD/CAM, sculptured surface machining, plastic injection molding, powder sintering, network based manufacturing automation integration.
2020C Bainer Hall
530-752-2287 (Mechatronics Lab)

Emeritus Faculty


Baldis, Hector lasa

Professor Emeritus
High Energy Density Science: Material under extreme conditions, Laser Plasma Interactions in ICF Conditions, Physics with 4th Generation Light Sources, Advance Plasma Diagnostics, Optical Instrumentation from IR to hard X-rays (>1kV)


Baughn, James W.

Professor Emeritus
Heat transfer, liquid crystal thermography, experimental methods, energy systems, flight testing.


Beadle, Charles

Professor Emeritus (Deceased)
Mechanical design, engineering mechanics, materials handling (orientation and singulation), rehabilitation engineering, biomedical engineering and packaging.


Chattot, Jean-Jacques

Professor Emeritus
Transonic flows and flows with vortical structures, computational methods.
2385 ASB


Davis, Roger L.

Professor Emeritus
Turbomachinery using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
2104 Bainer Hall


Dwyer, Harry

Professor Emeritus
Fluid dynamics, droplet dynamics, biological fluid dynamics, combustion and flame propagation, internal combustion engines, Chimera Grid methods, and numerical methods.


Eke, Fidelis

Professor Emeritus
Dynamics and control of mechanical systems, spacecraft dynamics and control, dynamics of variable mass systems.
2106 Bainer Hall


  Frank, Andrew A.

Professor Emeritus
Mechanical design, control systems, electri-hybrid vehicles, internal combustion engine design, dynamics of machines, automated highways and ground transportation systems.


Hess, Ron A.

Professor Emeritus
Man-machine systems, automatic and manual control systems, atmospheric flight mechanics, digital control systems.
2385 ASB


Hoffman, Myron A.

Professor Emeritus
Fuel-cell engineering and power plant conceptual design studies, advanced energy conversion, gas turbine power plants.


Hubbard, Mont

Professor Emeritus
Application of system theory, automatic control and parameter identification to various dynamic systems; mechanics, control, and optimization of human motion including locomotion and sport mechanics, especially ski jumping, bobsledding, javelin throwing, and high jumping.


Hull, Maury L.

Professor Emeritus
Mechanical and Electromechanical design, instrumentation and signal processing, experimental mechanics, musculoskeletal system biomechanics, sports biomechanics, mechanics of materials.


Karnopp, Dean C.

Professor Emeritus
Mathematical modeling and simulation of dynamic engineering systems using bond graphs, vehicled dynamics, noise and vibration control, automatic control, dynamic optimization of energy systems.
2012 Bainer Hall


Kemper, John

Professor Emeritus
Mechanical design, engineering mechanics, materials handling (orientation and singulation), rehabilitation engineering, biomedical engineering and packaging.
530-752-2796, 530-752-7014


Kennedy, Ian M.

Professor Emeritus
Aerosols, toxicity of nanoparticles, nanotechnology, optical biosensors.
530-752-2796, 530-752-7014


Kollmann, Wolfgang

Professor Emeritus
Turbulence modeling, turbulent combustion, numerical fluid mechanics.


Margolis, Donald L.

Professor Emeritus
System Dynamics – modeling, simulation, and control of dynamic systems, power plant dynamics, computer controlled suspensions for ground vehicles, vehicle-guideway interactions, vibration control, control of lateral vehicle dynamics.
2010 Bainer Hall


McKillop, Allan A. (Deceased)

Professor Emeritus Allan McKillop passed away on October 15, 2014. He started his career at UC Davis in the College of Agricultural Engineering in 1951 and was instrumental in the founding of the College of Engineering and the development of the Mechanical Engineering Program in the early 1960’s. He served as Chair of the Department from 1974 to 1978 and again from 1991 to 1995 and became Professor Emeritus in 1996.



White, Bruce

IN MEMORIAM: Bruce White of the College of Engineering

DAVIS, Calif.; April 26, 2018 – Bruce R. White, mechanical and aerospace engineering professor emeritus at UC Davis, former dean and longtime friend of the UC Davis College of Engineering, died April 25 after a brief illness.

Adjunct Faculty


Platzer, Maximilian F.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Naval Postgraduate School
Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics. Aeroelasticity. Flight Mechanics. Propulsion.